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Program Materials & Products



  • Across Ages Program Development and Training Manual ($75)
    Provides step-by- step direction for developing each component of Across Ages. Program forms, evaluation materials and training designs are included. Includes the Across Ages Handbooks for Parents, Youth and Teachers, "All you need to know" guide to each program component. Written in easy to read format. These can be photocopied and distributed to participants.
  • Across Ages Evaluation Protocol ($25)
    Manual includes overview of basic process and outcome evaluation methodology, as well as methodology and instruments specific to the Across Ages program.
  • Across Ages Fidelity Instrument ($20).
  • Elder Mentor Handbook ($25)
    A basic "what you need to know" resource for elder mentors working with at-risk youth. Easy to read. Designed to be photocopied.


  • Mentoring Across Generations: Partnerships for Positive Youth Development by Andrea S. Taylor and Jeanette Bressler. ( Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press. New York. 2000) $20.


  • Across Ages: An Intergenerational Approach to Prevention ($25)
  • The video highlights the activities and interaction among all project participants. The video provides a clear picture of Across Ages "in action and promotes the benefits of intergenerational initiatives.
  • Elders as Mentors: A Training Program for Older Adults
  • (includes Facilitator's Guide) ($65)Typical mentor-youth scenarios are presented through short dramatic skits. Facilitator's guide provides a framework for participant discussion. Each vignette can be used separately in mentor training.
  • Publications. Reprints of all publications are available for a cost of $5.00 each which covers duplication and postage.

A two day training plus follow-up technical assistance is recommended for implementing the Across Ages program. Training can be conducted on-site for up to 25 people.
Training costs include: 2 days @ $1000 per day, plus travel and per diem
Technical Assistance costs include: on-site @ $500 per day/travel and per diem
Telephone @ $30 per hour

Materials Cost: Participant training packets @ $5 each

To order materials
By phone @ (215) 204-4323;

By fax @ (215) 204-3195

To request training information
Contact Dr. Andrea Taylor @ (215) 204-6708

or by e-mail